Top 4 Reasons To Hire A Professional Photographer

Is it time to update your family photos? Or, have you recently, or are you about to add another addition to your family? Then I am talking to you!  Whatever the reason may be for needing or wanting to update your family portrait, please make sure you hire a professional photographer.

These days pretty much everyone has a “good” camera. Heck, even your smartphone takes great pictures. However, when it comes to your family portraits, it’s time to put the iPhone down and hire a professional.

Here are 4 reasons you should hire a professional photographer.

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1. We have the Proper equipment

Yes, I know everyone has a good camera, however, a professional photographer knows how to use theirs. All of those buttons on your camera actually do mean something. If you don’t know what they all mean, then no worries. You can still get great candid shots of your kiddos and they will look great! However, when you are ready to hang your family portrait on the wall then I highly suggest letting someone else who knows all of the settings on their camera and who actually takes pictures for a living take them for you. You will NOT regret this decision.

2. We are invested in our business

We are actually financially invested into our business and want to create the best photos we can for our clients. We have spent thousands of dollars on our equipment, software, advertising, marketing, etc. We do all of this so that we can create the best customer experience possible for our clients. We take our jobs seriously just like any other professional out there. In addition to the dollars spent, we also spend hours upon hours with just one session. While you only see 1 hour of us, in reality we spend up to 8 hours on 1 session when it’s all said and done. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE every hour I send on my business. It’s totally fun for me, as it should be for any photographer! So, while you are on the hunt for your next photographer, make sure they have all of their ducks in a row business-wise. Because, after all you are hiring a professional.


Photographers are considered artists. This means we have an eye or knack for photography. Most of us didn’t just decide one day to be a photographer. We were born with a gift and love to share our talent with others. I totally fall into this category. I love making others happy by taking pictures of their sweet families. It’s literally the best job for me!

In the same topic of being artists, not just anyone can take a picture. Trust me. I love my dad to death, but I can give him my camera and tell him to take a picture of something and he will in some way and some how completely butcher the photo. So, for those that think photographers are great because of their camera are mislead. It’s like saying to a chef “You must have a really good oven.” No, it’s not the oven, it’s the chef. And, it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer so use us to take your family photos, not your friend who happens to have a good camera.

4. We provide professional prints

Now, I know prints are as cheap as they come these days, however, you pay for what you get. This statement is so true when it comes to photography. I will be the first to admit that I too thought Walgreens or CVS did a sufficient job when it came to printing my photos (this was a LONG time ago), and heck they are super cheap so why not order from them? Now, that I have been in the business for over 6 years, I now know exactly why you should NOT order from them, but rather hire a professional who has a membership with a professional printing company. Because in the end, we offer professional services and your prints are what represent us and we want the best quality of photos hanging in your home, not your local drug store prints.

Now, that I have hopefully convinced you to hire a professional photographer 😉 then head on over to my Contact Me page and drop me a note. I would love to hear from you!

Also, let me know if you are interested in updating your family photos, looking to capture your sweet little newborn, or if you are expecting and are in need of some maternity photos.  I can’t wait to hear from you!