Top 5 Tips In Taking Your Senior Portraits in Austin, Texas


Taking your senior pictures should be an exciting time and you should be having the time of your life! I love photographing high school seniors simply because they are so full of life and are so much fun to pose. They seem to have this attitude and confidence about them that portrays beautifully in their photos.  For those who may need a little help in figuring out which poses look the best then these tips for taking senior portraits are for you.

Have Fun

When taking your senior pics remember to have fun with it. Try that crazy, fun pose you saw on Pinterest. Because even if it doesn’t turn out to look like you wanted, know one will ever know but you and your photographer.

Senior pictures lakeway


Don’t overthink your poses. Of course you can bring your ideas to the shoot, but let your photographer pose you to where you will look your best. Your job is to just relax and look beautiful/handsome.


Strike a Pose

Let your inner model come out and strike all of the poses you used to do in front of your bathroom mirror. You never know which ones may actually look fabulous in your senior portraits. So don’t be afraid to just go for it.


Show some college spirit

Some of my seniors love to show off their new college. This senior decided to accessorize with her new school, and looked fabulous doing it.

Senior Portraits Austin Texas

Represent your high school

While some like to show off their new college, other like to continue representing their high school spirit. While, some do both!


Remember, your senior portraits are all about you! So, make sure to have fun, relax, and bring something that represents your future, your past, or both. To view more photos from senior sessions then visit my Senior Portrait page and take a look around. Or, if you have a question about anything then feel free to email me at or fill out the form on my Contact Page.