9 Tips To Help You During Your Newborn Photo Shoot


Taking newborn photos is something that definitely takes a special skill and person to do them. It has taken me years to perfect my newborn photos. However, I find that my favorite sessions are when the parents and baby are relaxed and happy which allows me to take over and use my creative skills to provide you with beautiful newborn photos.

keep the peace

We are all familiar with the term “sleeping like a baby”. And, even though this is so true most of the time, we really want it to be true on the day of your newborn session. That being said, we need to create a nice serene environment for the baby so they will be able to sleep soundly without any loud disruptions (as much as possible). This will help ensure the baby to rest peacefully and soundly which will ultimately result in beautiful newborn photos.

Newborn Baby Sleeping Peacefully Photo

Turn up the heat

Another way to help ensure your baby is comfortable is to turn up the heat during the winter, or turning off the air during the warmer months. Why, you ask? Well, your baby is going to be nakey, as my kids like to put it, during their photo shoot, and let’s face it. Who really likes being cold? This is why I ask my clients to make it a little warmer in their house than it usually is to ensure your baby is all nice and cozy. In addition, I bring my own space heater to help out as well, and by the end of it, yes I’m usually sweating ha! But, the baby is comfortable and that’s all that matters.


Fill that belly

Before your photographer arrives make sure you feed your baby a full feeding. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t feed them once your photographer arrives, but it is always helpful to try and get one last feeding in right before we get there to ensure your baby is happy and full. This just helps make your baby happy and starts everyone off on the right foot. If your baby still doesn’t seem settled after your photographer gets there then don’t sweat it, feed them again if you want. I’ve had sessions where the mom would go and feed their baby 4 to 5 times to get them to settle down, and guess what it worked! I’ve also seen some where they didn’t have to feed the baby at all during our session and the baby did beautifully. Not one newborn session is alike and neither is one baby. You as the parent ultimately know what is best for you baby so follow your own instincts.


Get in the picture

While taking sweet photos of your newborn is wonderful, I always encourage my clients to jump in that photo with their baby. It is always my goal to capture your first official family photo, and that means you have to be in the photo for that to happen. Will I make you? Of course not! I will encourage you, however, because I don’t want you to look back and say I wish I would have gotten in a few pics. I know asking a new mom to hop in a photo a week after she had a baby isn’t exactly what she is up for, but that is where I can use my creative skills to help mask those insecurities you may still have.


The adored siblings pic

If this isn’t your first baby then of course you are going to want a picture of all of your children together. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your little ones ooh and ahh over their newborn baby sister or brother. This is a must have pic that I suggest for all families of multiples. It is literally priceless.


Take a deep breath

The best thing you can do for your baby during their newborn photo shoot is to relax. I’m no expert, but I do have three kiddos and I will say that I was way more relaxed with each one, and when I reflected back I noticed a huge difference in those first few weeks of each one of their lives. With my third I really made an effort to calm down and take my time as I swear she could sense when I would start getting worked up which ultimately made her feel restless. So, my suggestion to you is to take a deep breath and relax and everything will be OK.

Relaxed Newborn Baby Photo

Expect Multiple Feedings

Let’s face it newborns are always hungry. Or at least that’s how it seems in the beginning. With that being said, you can expect to feed your baby a few times during your session to ensure they are settled and sleepy. Like I mentioned before, it really does depend on the baby. I’ve had sessions that the mom fed the baby before I got there and didn’t have to feed her again, and I’ve had sessions where the mom fed the baby 4 times to finally get him to settle down and get into that deep sleep. As a photographer I expect multiple feedings and honestly do not mind waiting for a good solid feeding as that means I will have more success in taking photos and getting that fabulous picture.


Have Fun

This is supposed to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. So don’t worry if your baby takes a while to get settled. It will all turn out OK. Have faith in your photographer and trust that they will be able to produce beautiful photos. I mean you did hire them for a reason, so take advantage of this time where someone is there helping you out with your little one for a few hours and make it a great experience for everybody.


Print out your photos

In order to get the best out of your experience then you must get prints of your photos. Having them sit on a CD in a drawer means you aren’t enjoying them to their fullest. You must print them out and hang those little beauties on your wall for everyone to see and enjoy for years to come. Or, if you aren’t the type to hang photos then definitely get an album so you can go back anytime and look through it and reflect back on that wonderful day.

Tips for Taking Newborn Photos-1

I hope these tips have helped you out for your upcoming newborn session. If you are in need of a newborn photographer then I would love to be of assistance. Please contact me by filling out the form on my Contact Page or emailing me at deborah@debleaphoto.com.





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