Top Ways to Organize Your Digital Photos


How many digital photos do you have on your phone right now? If it’s in the thousands then this post is for you. I’m going to breakdown ways you can organize your digital photos and keep them organized so you don’t get overwhelmed or even worse lose them all to your toddler washing your phone for you with soap and water. Yes, that really happened to me lol

One of the best ways I found to make sure your digital photos stay safe and secure is from Better Homes & Gardens. Their suggestion is to download all of the photos you took that month onto your computer or an external hard drive. Turn this simple task into a monthly chore on your to do list and you will be happier for it I promise!

Below is a list of things you can start doing today

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  1. Download your digital photos from the previous month
  2. Go through the photos and get rid of all the bad ones. Including, but not limited to, all of the blurry ones, eyes closed, the 18 kid selfies that are cute, but not cute enough to keep all 18 of them cute lol
  3. Organize it on your computer by creating folders by date and category. For example, “Our trip to Sedona’ could be a folder name within the month of July 2018 folder.
  4. Make a “To be Printed” folder and make a copy of all of the photos you want to print for that month. Then once you print them all of delete that folder and start new for the next month. This way your photos will actually be seen instead of stuck on a computer for the rest of their lives.
  5. The final step is to delete the downloaded photos off of your phone.

I know this last step can be very hard for some of you, but remember they are safely tucked away on your computer or external hard drive so there is nothing to worry about. And, if you want extra protection then upload them to an online storage site. This works just as well. Now, I know I freaked some of you out when I said DELETE! You don’t have to delete all of them. Go through that previous month and keep the cutest of the cutest photos so you can scroll back through and show off your kids or your pets or the latest project you are working on.

Now, once you are finished with the above then my suggestion is to PRINT your photos and archive them in a family album. There are tons of online stores where you can do this very reasonably. Do I suggest you print every photo? Nope. Just the most important for that month/year. So that folder I recommended you create, keep it, fill it with your favorites, then print them.

For more tips on where to store your photos click here and you will get a rundown of everything I’ve discussed in this post as well as some great sites to store your photos.

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