Golden Hour Photography


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Today I am going to chat a little bit about the ever so coveted Golden Hour. Not sure what golden hour is? Well, let me tell you. Golden hour is the time of day just after sunrise and just before sunset where the sun shines down on the earth giving it a golden glow. These two times of the day are my absolute favorite times to shoot and create some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever taken.

I love playing with the sun when it comes to taking photos. If you angle your camera just right you can get any one of the following:

  • The perfect exposure
  • The perfect sun flare
  • The perfect silhouette photo

Below you will see examples of each one and how to achieve these exact photos for your high school senior.

In the photo below I allowed the sun to creep in the very top of the frame which allowed for the most beautiful sun flare and glow to fall down on my client. Next time you go take photos try this out. Don’t be afraid to shoot into the sun. If you have a dslr I can teach you how to adjust your settings to it’s not too dark. If you’re using a smartphone then we’ll need to do some post processing to make sure your subject isn’t too dark.

The Perfect Exposure

When taking a perfectly exposed photo, one trick is to fine a shady spot where the sun isn’t in your frame but giving off enough light to where your subject is perfectly exposed. There are other tips and tricks to use in your camera, but for now, find those shady areas and start snapping away!

The Perfect Sun Flare

The capture the perfect sun flare, what you need to do is allow just enough sunlight in to the top of the frame which allows for that beautiful golden haze. Now I wouldn’t suggest this on any photo, but if you are looking for a more artistic flare or something a little different then I highly suggest using this technique to vamp up your photos.

The Perfect Silhouette Photo

To achieve this look all you need to do is adjust your settings in camera. Again I will create a guide on how to do this and share it with you once it’s ready. But for now, a low exposure is key in recreating this photo. The sun will give off enough light for the rest of the image, but you want to make sure your subject is under-exposed which creates the silhouette look you are aiming for.

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