3 Tips for a Happy Halloween With Your Family

Halloween 2015 Photo

Hey there! It’s almost that time again where the entire neighborhood gets out of their homes and roams the streets with their families. Our pastor mentioned that it was a little ironic that Halloween is the one holiday that promotes being a good neighbor. I mean what other holiday do all of your neighbors get out of their house, give you candy, and answer their doors after dark? So, let’s take this holiday and turn it into a “Get to know your neighbor holiday”. That being said, I’ve come up with some tips in order to make this your best Halloween yet.

3 Tips for a Happy Halloween

1. Do A Family Activity Together

The holidays always bring families together, and this year I challenge you to come up with some sort of activity to do outside of Trick or Treating. For example: pumpkin carving, pumpkin decorating, baking cookies, decorating cookies, cooking some delicious pumpkin soup, etc. Pinterest has wonderful ideas for how to do these things. My family always has a little competition with our pumpkin carving given our competitive nature.

2. Hang out in your front yard

I can’t tell you how many people you will meet if you just sit in your front yard or at the end of your driveway and pass out candy. This is a wonderful time to actually get out of your house and meet your neighbors that you have lived near for years but have never found the time to actually introduce yourself. If you are shy, then no worries. Make sure your kids are close…they usually make for great conversation.

3. Dress up as a family with a theme

There is nothing better than giving your family a theme and dressing the part. I love it when families go all out and do this. My brother and his sons did this a couple of years ago where he dressed up as Thelma HA! and his two sons were Shaggy and Scooby. It was pretty awesome. My neighbors this year are going with a football theme. Their oldest son is going to be the player, the hubby and wife are going to be the referees and their newborn is going to wear a football onsie. Please don’t forget to take pics when you do this. It creates great memories later on.

Notice that all of these tips involve being with your family. There is something to be said for a family that hangs out together. Have a very Happy Halloween and don’t forget to take lots of pics of your little ones! They won’t be little forever…tear :’)


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Cade’s Fall 1 Year Photos

My sweet baby nephew is about to turn 1 in November! I can’t believe how fast this past year has flown by. I was so excited when Lindsey asked me to take his 1 year photos, cause it’s literally been a year since I’ve taken his newborn pics.

He has changed so much over the past year but he really is the sweetest, happiest, easy-going, red-headed, blue-eyed baby I’ve had during a 1 year photo session. I think he must be used to getting his photo taken too because he smiled at me in almost every single picture!! My dream come true!

His momma had a certain image she wanted for the cake session, and boy was he the cutest thing you have ever seen! Below are a few of my favorites from the day.

1 Year Birthday Photo Austin Texas1 Year Cake Bash Austin TX1 Year Photo Austin TexasDaddy Son Photo Austin TexasFall 1 year photo austin texasMommy and Son Photo Austin TexasONE Year Photos Austin Texas

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Reagan's Newborn Pics~Dallas Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of reuniting with a friend from college to take her newborn’s baby photos. It was so good to see her, and her daughter is adorable! Here are a few of my favorite pics from her session.

Addysin's 3 Month/Newborn Pics~Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

So I am still in the process of updating my blog, and I am currently posting from way back in April 🙂 But, it’s all good. Working a full-time job, a part-time job, and taking care of a husband and two kids with one on the way can keep a girl slightly busy 😉 But I love every minute! That being said here are a few more of my favorite pics from Addysin’s “newborn” session.
Now, let me clarify why I have “newborn” in quotes. Addysin was born at 34 weeks (a little early) and had to stay in the hospital for right around a month I believe, which prohibited us from taking her newborn pics. Well, then I talked with Taryn (mommy) and she decided to wait until Addysin was a little more developed before we had her session. So…3 months later we finally had her “newborn” session. Hence the quotes 😉 
We didn’t get as many sleepy pictures as we were hoping for, but as expected Addysin ran the show and decided that she wanted to be awake throughout the entire time (except for 5 min.). However, even though we didn’t get a lot of sleeping photos, I still think she did great and we got some beautiful shots!! So, here are all of my favs from her session.

Personal~Lane's Birthday Party

January 26th my nephew turned 4 years old!!! I can’t even believe how fast time flies! He had a Polar Express themed birthday party, and like all of Lindsey’s parties it was amazing. She planned out everything perfectly from the Hot Cocoa sign to the huge bounce house out in the backyard, and Lane and all of the kids loved every minute of the pajama party. Here are a few of my favorite shots from Lane’s big day.

Johnston's Mini Session

I’m so glad I got to see my sweet little Johnston over Christmas break, and while we were in Chillicothe  I took the opportunity to take a few pics of this cuddly little boy. We were outside for probably less than ten minutes before we couldn’t take the cold any more and retreated to the house. You would have never known by both Johnston and Aubi’s beautiful smiles that it was approximately 20 degrees outside. Love you guys and can’t wait to see you soon!