6 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Family Photo Session

Family Photo With Kids Austin Texas

1. Eat a good meal before your session.

Make sure your family, and yourself is well fed on the day of your photo shoot. I know I can get a little cranky when I’m hungry so I can only imagine how our little ones feel when they are hungry. If you know your little ones can’t make it through the entire session the please bring a snack for in between shots.

2. Get plenty of rest.

It’s best if you and your family are well rested in preparation for your photo shoot. This not only allows you to look your best, but it also helps the kiddos be on their best behavior and in a good mood. Speaking from my own personal experience with my own children, Sleepy Kids = Moody Kids 🙂 Depending on the time of day your session is will also depend on if your child, or you, needs to take a nap. Sleep is good and makes for great photos!

Modern Family Photo Lakeway City Park

3. Real Smiles are the best.

I love love love a genuine smile. Nothing can compare to it. Therefore, let’s leave the “cheese” at home. I know there’s a strong tendency to say it, but please don’t. All it ends up doing is giving a forced smile look in your photos, and we do NOT want that. Candid is the way to go. You can thank me later 😉

4. leave yourself plenty of time to prepare for your session.

I suggest laying out your clothes the day before your session, including shoes and accessories. Start getting ready with plenty of time before you have to leave, and inform everyone of what you are about to do so they aren’t surprised when they get there. The more prepared you are, the less stressed you will be for your photos.

Prepare for your photo shoot

5. Coordinate your clothes without being matchy matchy.

Choose your clothes for you and your family, by first picking out colors that you like. Then move onto colors that you look best in. Because come on, you are going to have to look at these babies forever. Next, don’t put everyone in the same color. Having multiple colors gives the photo interest and gives it that extra pop it needs. Keep in mind that everything needs to go together, not necessarily match perfectly.

6. Choose the best time of day for your family

Typically the best time of the day for photographers is the first 2 hours after sunrise and the 2 hours right before sunset. Or, if it’s cloudy then any time of day is good because we don’t have to worry about shadows. Now, for you it’s totally different because you have to worry about bed times, nap times, cranky times, hungry times, etc. I totally get it. So, please if your children aren’t morning people then don’t schedule your session for first thing in the morning. You better believe you will never see my family schedule an early morning session. The photographer may get some death stares lol But, in all seriousness, you know your family best so schedule the best time for you and your little ones.


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Cameron’s Busy Photo Shoot~Lakeway, TX

Last week I had an exciting photo shoot with sweet and excited little Cameron at The Hill Country Galleria. He is such a doll and literally walked around our entire shoot. LOL I definitely got my exercise in on this one. Even though he was a bit active, I’m so glad I got to meet the little guy, and I ended up getting some great shots because of it. Oh and I was quite impressed by how much Thomas The Train knowledge a 2 year old can retain. He pretty much knows the name of every train. He’s pretty awesome. Here are some of my favorites from his session.

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Taryn's Fabulous Mini-Session at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth

A few weeks ago I ran my mini-sessions and Taryn reached out to me and asked if I could take pics of her family, and of course I said yes! She has such a sweet and beautiful family that capturing a good shot wasn’t hard for me to do at all. I’m so glad she asked me to take their pictures because I got to see her sweet baby girl Addyson who is so stinkin cute and has grown up so much since I took her newborn pics. She is such a cutie! Here are all of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!