Classic Newborn Photography Session ~ Sweet Baby Nolan ~ Austin Texas

I loved getting to know this sweet family and finally getting to meet sweet baby Nolan. Elizabeth and I met for our consultation what seems like forever ago, and before we knew it Nolan had made his debut mid August. He is such a doll and although he wasn’t a hug fan of me taking his picture, I still got some classic shots of him anyway 🙂 The photos turned out great and everybody was happy! I think my favorite has to be the family photo with brother Parker kissing baby brother on his head. It was the perfect photo, and I couldn’t have been happier with it. Thank you so much to this sweet family for letting me come into your home and take such sweet photos of your precious family.

Classic Family Photo in Austin Texas Classic Brother and Newborn Photo in Austin Texas Classic Mother and Newborn Photo  Classic Father and Son Photo  Classic Mother Kissing Newborn Photo in Austin Texas Classic Newborn Photo in Austin Texas   Fun Newborn Family Photo in Austin Texas Classic Newborn Photo Modern Family Newborn Photo in Austin Texas Timeless Family Photo in Austin Texas Timeless Newborn Photo in Austin Texas

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Alyson ~ Lake Travis Senior Photos

I’m so glad I’m finally getting around to blogging Alyson’s senior photo session right here in Lake Travis! We actually did her session last fall and the photos turned out beautiful, and we had wonderful fall (well Texas fall) weather. We stayed pretty close to the Lakeway area. We first started out at Hamilton Pool, then we headed over to Bee Cave Central Park, then finally ended our session at Lakeway City Park where I photographed her doing some of her dance poses.  We had such a great time, and we even snuck a few in of her and her sister throughout the day! Here are a few of my favorites from her session.

Senior Photo Lake TravisSenior Photo with Sisters Austin Texas Senior Photos Austin TexasSenior Photo Lakeway Texas Lakeway Senior Photographer Bee Cave Senior PhotographerLake Travis Senior PhotosHamilton Pool Senior Photos Austin Senior Photographer

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Lake Travis Senior Photographer


Have Fun With Your Family This Easter!

Easter Crafts

I always try to do something special with my kids on Easter, and that usually involves dying eggs. It’s a tradition in our house and thank the Lord for Pinterest or else we would have the same colored eggs every year. I know most of you go 100 miles per hour like I do, however, I encourage you to take the 30 minutes to an hour and do something fun with your family this Easter holiday. Here are some ideas I have found that may spark your creativity. I’ve pinned all of these ideas on my All About Easter Pinterest Board so go check them out.

Easter Egg Ornament

This would make the coolest centerpiece for your dining room table or island in your kitchen.


Yarn Egg Garland

How cute would this be hanging on your fence or in a small tree in your yard?


Decorating Easter Eggs

Holy moly aren’t these adorable! Any ninja turtle fans in your family?


Galaxy Easter Eggs

If any of you have older kids, this may be a fun one to try as she made it seem like it took a little more patience and work than some of the others. Or if you are really ambitious then go right ahead! I think I may try them out myself 🙂


Easter Themed Baking Ideas

Marshmallow Bark

I think the photo says it all. YUMMMMM!


Peep Fruit Kabobs

This is for those of you who want to attempt to stay away from all of the sugar that goes along with Easter. Aren’t those just the cutest?

Easter Peep Fruit Kabobs

Coordinating Outfits For Easter Photos

Easter family photo

When picking out clothes for a family photo, I want you to stay open minded. I find it especially fun to pick out clothes for my family during the holidays, because there is usually already a color scheme picked out which makes the decision of having to pick out colors way easier. When it comes to Easter family photos the colors are super duper easy, and all you have to do is think of spring. When I think of spring, the colors, yellow, pink, blue, green, purple, white, cream, etc. come to mind. Now, no one ever said in the law book of Easter photos do you have to wear pastels. I personally am more bold in my color choices and therefore choose richer colors (as shown above). It’s totally your style and taste, so stick to your gut.

Now, when it comes to coordinating, make sure you aren’t all wearing the same color (shades of the same color is acceptable). But, rather mix it up by throwing in various patterns, colors, textures, etc. It will really make your photos pop, and you will be super happy for it!

That’s all for now! If you are wanting to get some spring photos taken, then please fill out the form on my Contact Page or email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you are wanting to view more of my work then hop on over to my Family Photos Gallery. I look forward to hearing from you!


Miss Georgia’s Fun 1 Year Photo Shoot in Austin, TX

Oh how I love sweet Georgia and her sweet parents George and Ashley. We have been friends with them since college (which feels like forever ago). So, when they asked me to do Georgia’s 1 year photo shoot I was elated! She has a January b-day so we had to plan her session accordingly, and of course we picked the windiest and coldest day yet. But, at least it was all clouds and we didn’t have to fight the sun as well as the weather. And, I must say Georgia was extremely well behaved and the cold didn’t seem to bother her one single bit! She rocked it! Below are some of my favorites from her big day.

1 Year Birthday Photo Austin Texas 1 Year Bloomers Austin Texas 1 Year Old Photo Shoot 1 Year Photo Austin Texas 1 Year Photo with balloons Austin Texas 1 Year Photos in an open field 1 Year photos with balloons Blue Eyed 1 Year Old Photo

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1 Year Photo Shoot With Balloons Austin Texas


Sweet Baby Peyton’s Newborn Session in Dripping Springs, TX

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing a friend’s sweet newborn. Her and my hubs went to high school together and I was ecstatic when she asked me to do her newborn session for her. He is such a good little baby and Fran and Lance are wonderful parents to their sweet baby boy. The session went really well and after a few feedings for the little guy he settled right down and I got some great shots of him and their new family. Thanks again for asking me to take them for you and I hope to get the chance to take many more of that growing baby boy. Here are my favorites from their session.

Sleeping Newborn Photo

Mother and Newborn Black and White Photo

Precious baby boy newborn photo Newborn baby nursery photoNewborn Session in nursery photo Family Photo Dripping Springs Newborn Photo Dripping Springs TexasNewborn Photo with Antlers Newborn Bear Hat Photo Black and White Newborn Photo  First Family Photo

Thanks again Fran and Lance and baby Peyton!

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9 Tips To Help You During Your Newborn Photo Shoot

Taking newborn photos is something that definitely takes a special skill and person to do them. It has taken me years to perfect my newborn photos. However, I find that my favorite sessions are when the parents and baby are relaxed and happy which allows me to take over and use my creative skills to provide you with beautiful newborn photos.

keep the peace

We are all familiar with the term “sleeping like a baby”. And, even though this is so true most of the time, we really want it to be true on the day of your newborn session. That being said, we need to create a nice serene environment for the baby so they will be able to sleep soundly without any loud disruptions (as much as possible). This will help ensure the baby to rest peacefully and soundly which will ultimately result in beautiful newborn photos.

Newborn Baby Sleeping Peacefully Photo

Turn up the heat

Another way to help ensure your baby is comfortable is to turn up the heat during the winter, or turning off the air during the warmer months. Why, you ask? Well, your baby is going to be nakey, as my kids like to put it, during their photo shoot, and let’s face it. Who really likes being cold? This is why I ask my clients to make it a little warmer in their house than it usually is to ensure your baby is all nice and cozy. In addition, I bring my own space heater to help out as well, and by the end of it, yes I’m usually sweating ha! But, the baby is comfortable and that’s all that matters.


Fill that belly

Before your photographer arrives make sure you feed your baby a full feeding. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t feed them once your photographer arrives, but it is always helpful to try and get one last feeding in right before we get there to ensure your baby is happy and full. This just helps make your baby happy and starts everyone off on the right foot. If your baby still doesn’t seem settled after your photographer gets there then don’t sweat it, feed them again if you want. I’ve had sessions where the mom would go and feed their baby 4 to 5 times to get them to settle down, and guess what it worked! I’ve also seen some where they didn’t have to feed the baby at all during our session and the baby did beautifully. Not one newborn session is alike and neither is one baby. You as the parent ultimately know what is best for you baby so follow your own instincts.


Get in the picture

While taking sweet photos of your newborn is wonderful, I always encourage my clients to jump in that photo with their baby. It is always my goal to capture your first official family photo, and that means you have to be in the photo for that to happen. Will I make you? Of course not! I will encourage you, however, because I don’t want you to look back and say I wish I would have gotten in a few pics. I know asking a new mom to hop in a photo a week after she had a baby isn’t exactly what she is up for, but that is where I can use my creative skills to help mask those insecurities you may still have.


The adored siblings pic

If this isn’t your first baby then of course you are going to want a picture of all of your children together. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your little ones ooh and ahh over their newborn baby sister or brother. This is a must have pic that I suggest for all families of multiples. It is literally priceless.


Take a deep breath

The best thing you can do for your baby during their newborn photo shoot is to relax. I’m no expert, but I do have three kiddos and I will say that I was way more relaxed with each one, and when I reflected back I noticed a huge difference in those first few weeks of each one of their lives. With my third I really made an effort to calm down and take my time as I swear she could sense when I would start getting worked up which ultimately made her feel restless. So, my suggestion to you is to take a deep breath and relax and everything will be OK.

Relaxed Newborn Baby Photo

Expect Multiple Feedings

Let’s face it newborns are always hungry. Or at least that’s how it seems in the beginning. With that being said, you can expect to feed your baby a few times during your session to ensure they are settled and sleepy. Like I mentioned before, it really does depend on the baby. I’ve had sessions that the mom fed the baby before I got there and didn’t have to feed her again, and I’ve had sessions where the mom fed the baby 4 times to finally get him to settle down and get into that deep sleep. As a photographer I expect multiple feedings and honestly do not mind waiting for a good solid feeding as that means I will have more success in taking photos and getting that fabulous picture.


Have Fun

This is supposed to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. So don’t worry if your baby takes a while to get settled. It will all turn out OK. Have faith in your photographer and trust that they will be able to produce beautiful photos. I mean you did hire them for a reason, so take advantage of this time where someone is there helping you out with your little one for a few hours and make it a great experience for everybody.


Print out your photos

In order to get the best out of your experience then you must get prints of your photos. Having them sit on a CD in a drawer means you aren’t enjoying them to their fullest. You must print them out and hang those little beauties on your wall for everyone to see and enjoy for years to come. Or, if you aren’t the type to hang photos then definitely get an album so you can go back anytime and look through it and reflect back on that wonderful day.

Tips for Taking Newborn Photos-1

I hope these tips have helped you out for your upcoming newborn session. If you are in need of a newborn photographer then I would love to be of assistance. Please contact me by filling out the form on my Contact Page or emailing me at




The Cashion Family at Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas

I absolutely love my family and especially these three, full-of energy boys that I can proudly call my nephews! There is NEVER a dull moment with any of them, and it was no different during our photo shoot at Trinity Park in Fort Worth. Between climbing the trees, attempting to avoid the mud (in which they were terrible at), and then walking off hoping that the session was over LOL they definitely kept us entertained. And, to top it all off I got some fabulous shots of these dashing young men as well as my brother and sister-in-law. They have quite a great looking family. Thanks for asking me to take your family photos this year! 7-Year-Old-Boy-Photo-Fort-Worth Handsom-Young-Boy-Photo-Trinity-Park Little-1-Year-Old-Boy-PhotoOutdorr-Family-Photo-Fort-Worth-Texas  The-Cashion-Family_12 Three-Boys-in-Trinity-Park-Photo Young-Family-Photo-Fort-Worth-Texas

The Wong Family – MOPS Austin, Texas

The past two years I’ve had the opportunity to take family photos for the MOPS fundraiser here in Austin. MOPS is Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, and they really seem to be a tight knit family of moms who support each other and build each other up through their own experiences, because Lord knows we have all beed there before when it comes to parenting and it’s nice to have a support system to remind you that you aren’t crazy!

So, the sessions are sort of like speed dating because you meet a completely new family every 10-15 minutes, so I refer to it as speed shooting 🙂 I always have so much fun doing it and really enjoy getting to meet new people. This family was new to me this year, and I must say they have a gorgeous family, and I just love the color palette that was chosen for their session. Here are my favorites from their shoot.

Children Photographer MOPS Family PHoto Shoot Siblings Photo Austin Family Photographer Austin Children Photographer Family Photographer  Austin Family Photographer MOPS

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6 Must Haves For Your Christmas Checklist

If you are anything like me, then Christmas literally sneaks up on you ever single year!  I mean I know it’s the same day every year, but somehow before I know it it’s Christmas again. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas and the holiday season, but for some reason I can’t seem to get with the program which leaves me running around scurrying for gifts or doing last minute budgeting to fit it all in.

That being said, I have created a condensed checklist for you/me! I have researched a few different  websites and have found two that are my absolute favorite. I will provide links for those who are interested in seeing the complete, original checklist.

The Busy Mom’s Christmas Checklist

  1. Don’t forget the Stocking Stuffers! I’ve totally done this one year and had my husband go out on Christmas Eve to Wal-Mart, because it was the only place open, to go buy goodies to fill everyone’s stocking. Needless to say that will NOT happen again! I’m definitely adding this one to my Christmas Checklist.
  2. Start pulling out those hidden gifts NOW! I may not be guilty of this one, but my mom sure is. Every year she hides the gifts she buys and every year she forgets about at least one of them. One year she even forgot where she hid it lol But, we lover her anyway 🙂
  3. Kiss someone under the mistletoe! This one is so important, because a lot of the time we have tunnel vision until all the gifts are bought, wrapped, and under the tree that we forget that Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and celebrating Jesus’ birth.
  4. Wrap gifts as you buy them! Since it is already December and your tree is already up (unless you are like me and can’t find the time to go buy a tree) then there is no point in hiding the gifts and cluttering up your closet. Go ahead and put them under the tree. A Christmas tree is so much more fun to look at with presents under it anyway 🙂
  5. Buy batteries for children’s toys! Oh my this needs to be number one on my checklist every single year! I can’t tell you how many times we have bought something that requires batteries and we had to take the ones from the TV remote just so our kids could enjoy their gifts on Christmas day!
  6. Re-charge the batteries on your camera/video recorder! This is something that I forget to do every year, but luckily my hubby got tired of standing next to the outlet while recording Christmas morning so this job has officially been delegated to him.

I hope some of these will help you out in preparing for your upcoming Christmas season as much as they have helped me and will continue to help me.

Would you like to check out more Christmas Checklists on Pinterest? Then head on over to my All About Christmas board on Pinterest and pick your favorite! Oh, and have a Merry Christmas!